Our Process

Future Alloys identifies, segregates, and prepares your excess metal for melting, combining human ingenuity with state of the art equipment.

Certified Destruction

We offer certified destruction of proprietary, excess, obsolete or defective parts and inventory to prevent unauthorized reintroduction into the supply chain.

Revenue Maximization

We maximize revenue for our numerous customers in the aerospace, energy, oil and gas, automotive, and industrial markets by carefully inspecting and processing raw materials with first-rate attention to detail.

Closed-loop Revert Management Services

We provide you with a range of tailored “closed loop” revert management services designed to optimize value and return material back to the aerospace and commercial supply chain for your own use.


Future Alloys customizes environmentally compliant scrap containers to best suit your specific needs.


Future Alloys’ eco-friendly methodology helps to preserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Why We’re Different

Our Distribution and Recycling Divisions combine to coordinate the entire life cycle of metals usage, tapping our high-caliber knowledge of all aspects of the industry. Furthermore, our unmatched ability to convert recycled metal into new material provides Future Alloys a seamless supply of new material, mitigating the risk of material shortage or price volatility.

Custom cut to size aluminum