Precision Plate Sawing

In house sawing of aluminum plate up to 10” thick X 144” long.

Band Sawing

In house sawing of aluminum rod and bar up to 16” diameter or thickness.


Aluminum sheet economically sheared to your part size.

Waterjet & Laser Cutting

Waterjet & laser cutting allow for complex, custom aluminum shapes to be cut with a minimum of waste.

Blanchard and Double Disk Grinding

Aluminum plate offered ground on all six sides in order to provide it flat, square, parallel and ready for machining your parts.

Heat Treating, Aging & Annealing

Specialized and non-standard tempers like T7, T8 and O condition can be furnished by additional thermal processing.

Trepanning, Gun Drilling & Honing

Custom wall thickness aluminum pipe and tubing fabricated from solid rods to your exact size requirements.


In addition to original manufacturer certifications, we offer chemical composition & mechanical properties testing

Penetrant & Ultrasonic Inspection

Non-destructive testing using ultrasonic pulse-waves to detect internal flaws.

Special Export Packaging

We offer custom packaging solutions for surface protection as well as “export ready” parcels.

Same Day Service

We offer “same day service”, as well as secure, long-term storage and processing of aluminum for “just in time” shipments. This helps to reduce production costs and increase your cash flow.


Innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for the recycling and reuse of aluminum, stainless steel, high temp alloys and precious metals. For more info click here

Custom cut to size aluminum